About Us

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Shepherd Research knows how to connect and grow a business. We specialize in identifying strategic growth opportunities, implementing operational excellence, and establishing contractual relationships. Through the right combination of science and business expertise, we can help your company creatively translate scientific ideas into business results.

STAFF - The staff at Shepherd Research LLC, with decades of experience in complementary specialties, has a fierce focus on building trusted relationships and delivering results that provide customer-driven business development solutions to life science and IT organizations. Established in 2008, our firm’s growing base of satisfied customers is a testament to our commitment to deliver quality business consulting services. Whether your goal is to implement strategies that better position your organization for business, communications and R&D, optimize your operations internally or develop your business through external negotiations and strategic deals, Shepherd Research offers the experience, creative solutions and smart, innovative thinking that your company needs and expects. Our commitment to you is that each project will be managed by a seasoned professional with PhD-level scientific expertise and decades of relevant industry experience.

HEADQUARTERS - Shepherd Research is headquartered in the greater Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, an internationally recognized center of corporate and academic research and technology excellence. This provides access to a wide range of cutting-edge technology and expertise and facilitates easy communication with product and service based firms in the local area, across the US and internationally.

Contact us to begin growing your business with the right strategies, transactions and operational excellence approaches.


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